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My Take On Windows Azure(Cloud Computing in general : Part 2)

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I hope You guys have gone through my previous posting i.e. part1 of my posting on windows azure  Part 1.

If Not, Now is not  a bad time to read it either…. 😉

Well in the previous post i had tried my best to present to you a small and simple yet real business case scenario which would/ should compel you to really think about windows azure.

Now lets go a bit off track, Let me try and define the following buzz words :

1. ) SaaS : Software as as Service

2.) PaaS : Platform as a Service.

3.) IaaS (Not sure whether this is the correct acronym 😉 ): Infrastructure as a Service.


Software is provided as a service . This Service is accessible through the network, over the internet etc. Popular example of SaaS Can be online spreadsheet software, Online CRM etc…. ( An Example from the MS side would be Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Dynamics online ……. Yeah they will be online services in the near future. 🙂 )


Platform as a service , as the name suggests provides you with a platform on which you develop you application. One of the primary advantages of Paas is that the hardware maintenance and certain layers of software stack maintenance is not your head ache. 🙂

Windows Azure is a perfect example of Platform as a service . We design and write apps on the Azure platform, we really don’t care on which hardware the app runs on , we do not have to worry whether the VM running the machine is patched etc.The Platform provider takes care of such issues. This actually might help in reduction of TCO ( The total cost of operations), as now there is no explicit need of system administrators to do that job for you ..( Though Nobody is stopping you from hiring ‘em 🙂 )

IaaS  :

Infrastructure as a service provider provisions you with the hardware needed to host your app on the cloud. Many of the ISPs are typically Infrastructure providers.

They provide you machines / virtual machines with a very high “availability” and it is up to you to do whatever.

Amazon EC2 would be the best example of Infrastructure providers. You are sanctioned a pool of VMs ( do whatever with them )

Much More to come in the following posts.

As per some of the suggestions that i have received , people are actually expecting some code ( since am programmer ) .. well will try to accommodate this request in the up coming posts.


Till then Have a Nice Time 🙂



Written by sudheerkovalam

September 6, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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